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South Arkansas River 

The South Arkansas Working Group will enhance stewardship and management of the South Arkansas River for improved river health and resiliency. The purpose of the working group will be to:

  1. Conduct shared learning including field trips, discussions, presentations, best management practices training, etc. that can help identify appropriate management actions.

  2. Work with the City of Salida to include river and floodplain protection in Vandaveer site plans and covenants. 

  3. Develop a simple summary for conveying the results of the South Arkansas Health Assessment Study to the community members in Vandaveer to build support for river and floodplain protection. 

  4. Conduct site-based rehabilitation and management in collaboration with willing landowners along with the South Arkansas. 

  5. Identify stewardship mini-grants for ongoing projects along the South Arkansas.   

  6.  Develop a comprehensive plan to restore the South Arkansas River. 

  7. Explore issues, needs, and opportunities for improved flow management along the South Arkansas that can result in improved river and fisheries health.

  8. Share learning and activities occuring along the South Arkansas with the entire UAWP. 


Nope! Not yet. Please visit us again soon. 

Join Us!

Are you a landowner along the South Arkansas interested in better stewardship of your property? 

Thanks for contacting us, we will respond soon!
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